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A cute letter to “Would-be Mother In Law” from “Would-be Daughter In Law”

A cute letter to “Would-be Mother In Law” from “Would-be Daughter In Law”

Readers are requested to pronounce “Mother In-Law” and “Daughter In-law” as MIL and DIL respectively while reading.

Dear MIL,

I was afraid to say this in person to you,which is why, I am writing this letter out of the blue.

I have grown up seeing most DIL’s talk ill of their MIL’s and many MIL’s have alike views about their DIL’s.
Be it neighbours, relatives or films.

People tell me that soon I am going to be a “DIL”.
So, I should expect from my in-laws very little.

Then, I gave it a thought and then realised, my expectations are not materialistic albeit realistic.

I wonder, what thoughts you may be indulged in?!
Very soon, we both are going to be in a kin.

I contemplate the relation, we would have as tight.
I assume all the happy moments together and I am suddenly filled with fright.

Soon, we will live in joint. On certain occasions, we may have different view-points.

But that, I do have sometimes from my mother as well now.
Which is why, I am timidly asking you the following any how.

Is this possible that I can love you like I love my mother??
“This sounds good in fiction” said by one & another.

Is it okay if I sometimes fight with you like I fight with my mother??
Is it unreal if I come to you after a quarrel to say “sorry” and being a “MIL” you say “No-worries” unlike others??

I will be doing mistakes by mistake.
Will you teach me how to not do that again while offering me a “cup of cake”??

Can we break the stereotype and not be the ones who follow the crowd??

Let’s make a beautiful bond of “MIL” and “DIL” that your “son” and my “would-be husband” feels really proud.

People say that getting a pretty “MIL” and a lovely “ DIL” is a slim chance.
But, my intuition tells me that we both have a 100% chance and people will know it in a single glance.

Now, I am packing all my bags and putting into a cart. Please bestow me with equal love like you have for your son in your heart.

Yours only,

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  1. Impressive .something different .could not stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.:-)

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