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A Short Story

A Short Story

This is a story of a man,
who used to live in present and enjoy every time span.

His life was very ordinary and full of struggles.
Yet he managed to embrace the good side rather than get affected with troubles.

He loved his family to such an extent,
that he worked day and night to keep them content.

He was the sole earner in his entire family.
Every member was dependent on him but lived happily.

He was a man who was never into any of the vices.
To earn bread, he made many sacrifices.

He had some dreams like everyone does have.
Quite ambitiously he would work and was also a ‘white hat’.

He would wake up daily with stars in his eyes.
With a grin on his face, he had his dreams visualized.



One night, he was indulged in his thoughts.
His wife came closer to him but he showed disinterest at the moment for the knot.

She thought to herselfWhat’s the matter? He has never been so cold!!
After several minutes, he fell asleep on the very spot.

Next day, he woke up and was quietly getting ready for the work.
While doing her own work, his wife was also observing his quirk.

After he left for the office, his wife felt restless.
Unintended, her thoughts kept going endless.

In the evening, his wife tried to reach him but he didn’t pick a single call.
She waited for him with a pale face sitting in front of a wall.

And he never came back home, though he assured her, he would be back by five.

You know why??

Because you….
Yes, you!!
Because you drink and drive!

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  1. Great Message, it penetrates the bottom of my heart. Must reach to a maximum number of people, please publicize it as maximum, as per recent survey 43% of people in Delhi/NCR they usually drink&drive. Keep it up Prerna- Cheers

  2. Abrupt end!
    Why he was in his thoughts?
    why he was not interested for that moment?
    I thought, he didn’t came back for some other reason…..

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Intentionally, I wanted reader to take it some other way in the middle.

      Thank You! 🙂

  3. Wonderful and Convincing.
    A very thoughtful message perfectly conveyed.
    Good Work. Keep it Up Prerna.

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