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Because I love you so much

Because I love you so much

I set my alarm at night for the next morning
and laid on bed preceding “stretching” and “yawning”.

Then relaxed my eyes for a little while.
In twinkling of an eye, the alarm beeped and displayed morning’s six on my mobile.

I snoozed the alarm and shut my eyes again.
The Alarm kept beeping repeatedly in vain.

I finally woke up and got ready for office in haste.
This time too, I skipped my “morning walk” and could not have breakfast to even taste.

As soon as I reached back home after work,
I exhorted my children to go to the park.

As usual, they denied first but then I asserted-
“Health is the greatest possession. We should not take it for granted”

Then I asked them to be full of beans
and do some exertion and make this a routine.

After two hours of having supper at “eight”.
I told my offspring-“Good children sleep on time and never get late

As they left for their room,
I sat down to watch television in my bedroom.

Next dawn, waking up for me was like so grey.
I felt like a “couch-potato” but did all work like the previous day.

In the office, my colleague insisted me to have some “fast-food” in lunch and besides made entreat.

I could not resist eating that and gorged it for the third time in the same week.

The same evening, my child craved for some “soft drink”.
Instead, I poured her a glass of juice and asked her to bethink
the side effects of having a “carbonated drink”.

After little rave, she finished the juice.
Then like ever, I lessened my headache with another “cup of tea” and some “nachos”.

At night, I worked hard on a project to get an early promotion in coming while.
So, I could fulfill my children’s desires every so often and make them smile.

My daughter came and said to me- “You do a lot and care for us. There is no parent as such!”
I grinned and after that reverted- “I do care for both of you because I love you so much.”

Next day, I sensed an unanticipated severe pain in my chest.
The doctor advised me to take “15 days” earnest bed-rest
and apprised me- “it all happened due to ignorance of my health and I’ll have to go for a medical-test”

The time I was on the bed, my children felt depressed.
They were left with zero zest.

To divert their mind,they were offered their favorite dishes to dine.
But they refused and wanted me only to become adequately fine.

When I looked at them and found them helpless.
I chewed the cud and spoke to myself-

How it all happened without giving any prior clue??


I alerted my children about the health rules and was not enacting myself on even few.

If I had cared for myself too while taking care of my children’s health during the time they grew,
that would be my greatest gesture of love for them I trew. So that they could be kept away from such unwanted blues.

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  1. Keep making your Massi proud, keep up the good work. Loads and loads of love and wishes. Eagerly waiting for the next blog. It was a good read.

  2. Keep making your Massi proud, keep up the good work. Loads and loads of love and wishes. Eagerly waiting for the next blog. It was a good read.

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