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Come on, it’s not a “Motor- Vehicle”

Come on, it’s not a “Motor- Vehicle”

After I was done with all the chores,
I got tired so much that I could lay down on the floor.

I could not handle that exhaustion anymore.
I went to my room to have a nap, therefore.

I rolled down my window’s curtain to have some “dark” indoor.
I peeped from the window and noticed my -eleven years old son standing with my “lady motorbike” somewhere outdoor.

I darted down the stairs and reached instantly to the ground floor.
I went to him, snatched my bike’s keys and scolded him badly like I never did before.

He pleaded- “Mom, please let me try for a simple ride to a nearby store.
I promise in class, I will get good scores”

I reverted- “You can cry as long as you want. I will not give you the keys even if you promise to outscore”


He replied- “You are a bad mother. I will not talk to you anymore”

Then he shunned me many days as an enemy ignores.

I consoled myself by saying- “My child’s life’s value to me is worth more than thousands of crores”

I handled very carefully that so-called “Cold-War”.

A few days later, I informed him-
“It’s not a joke to drive a bike.You will have to take care of precautions before driving when you will be even mature.
So till then, be a good boy and pass this tenure.

One day, I was chatting with my friend on my phone.
My son saw me doing that and insisted me to buy him the same phone.

I uttered-
I already bought you that ‘standard-phone’, so that you can use that in an emergency. Then, why are you again asking for??

He replied that he didn’t want that simple phone which can be only used to send “text messages” and to make “calls”.

He pointed at my phone and said “I want that same “smart-phone” and nothing else more”

I denied and he yelled again and said- “You are a bad mother. I will not talk to you anymore”
And then he went to his room and smashed his room’s double door.

Subsequently, my husband vocalized to me- “Come on, it’s not a Motor- Vehicle
That was uncalled for!

Hours Later, I approached him and offered him dinner. He then uproared.
He said- “I will not have it even if you pour”


Minutes later, I agreed-
Okay!! I will buy you the same phone tomorrow” and then I swore.

He finished his dinner and then I thanked God for the same because I could then finally read my favorite brochure.

In spite of being cash strapped that time, I bought him the same phone.
He then flew like birds soar and said to me- “Mom, I love you forevermore”

Days after I noticed, my son was using the phone so proficiently at a shopping store.
That one day he saw me using the phone and told me- “Mom, you are using it wrong! ”

And then he asked me- “May I?”
I said- “Go for! ”

He then made some settings in my phone and informed me-“ Mom, it will not be complicated for you anymore”

I adored his intelligence like every mother would adore.


Then I commended my self and said – “He has gone on his mother after all 😉 .. ”

Days passed and he was not my son I once had before.
I noticed the behavioral change in him and wondered- “On a phone, what does he all the time explore?”

The next day, I bought some candies from a candy store and came back home soon and saw my son in a fainted condition at my room’s next door.

That was a bolt from the blue!
I was scared acutely and took him to the hospital as soon as I could and made my car roar.

The doctor informed me- “He actually tried to harm himself but has been now completely cured”
I wailed- “What rubbish? Why would he do this??
This can not be possible at whole!

There must have been someone else who tried to harm my child when I was outdoor”

I immediately went to my son and asked him- “What did actually happen? Please tell me the truth which is pure.”

He told me- “Mom, I just followed orders of an application in my phone called “Blue-whale” and I played the character which was very core”

I scratched my head and pondered-
“What did he just say??” and
then I asked him to repeat once more because whatever he told me was totally obscure.
Later I controlled my emotions and checked his phone to ensure.

I got acquainted with the “suicidal app” he used and “adult sites” he visited on days before.

I was in sweat from head to toe and gulped a spit in my throat and simultaneously felt a deep sore.
Soon after, I handled myself and tried to restore.

I recalled-


How extremely I was conscious of the threat of bike, the time my child asked for.

And how carelessly, I forgot to take precautions and to keep an eye on my child’s ventures when he was using the “smart-phone” which can be equally harmful (if not used carefully) like riding a bike is for minor.

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