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Father’s Unsaid Words!!

Father’s Unsaid Words!!

I always wanted to spend as much time as your Mom spends with you.

But because of the responsibilities in life, I couldn’t make it through.

I don’t know, how your Mom manages her work & spends with you, the sufficient time


Is that you, who always loves to be with her more even if she is busy with her work of prime?!

I do understand your feelings of “love” and “attachment” with your Mother.
Since I was alike you in my childhood and used to fight with my brother
for the turn to sleep in the arms of our Mom in lieu of our father.

Don’t know if it is the human nature that most children maintain a certain distance from their father?
Is it this reason that all fathers ask about “what, why, where and how” in details which makes them bother?

I know, you love me as much as you love your Mother.

But, you having love for me and being unable to express make me flustered.

I sometimes feel jealous of your mother, it is somewhat true.
Being a father now, I feel that feeling of not being able to express that I also want to spend enough time with you.

I do love your Mother too but wonder; why it is easy for her to chatter
and difficult for me to take a conversation with you for long on any matter?!

So, as a father, I had decided to take a step to bridge this gap.
I planned the entire day & prepared all the conversation to have with you in my head.

I arranged the table before you reached back home
and promised myself, “Today,I will not ask.. what, why or where are you coming from?”

Clock turned seven, you entered the house and asked.. “Dad, where is Mom??”

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