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He has a Big Car and I own an Ordinary Bike

He has a Big Car and I own an Ordinary Bike

He has a big Car and I own an Ordinary Bike.

At the age of 33, I keep my pockets tight and people all around are making big bucks. That too, in ‘white’.

Thinking aforesaid all my way, I reached back home at night.

I could not sleep properly at all that night. I don’t know if that was the profound thought or the mosquito bite?!

Next Morning, I woke up hearing a notification sound and then peeked at its blinking light.

I checked that immediately as my phone was right at my right.

That unveiled a “photo” of a friend of mine with his wife with whom he fell in love at first sight.

With a caption- “Spending time in hills is a real delight!!”.

Gazing at the picture, I felt like an unlucky wight.


Reason was not his visit to hills but his beautiful wife dressed in “white”.

Browned off with my life in total, I kept my phone aside.

Whilst I started getting ready for office, my wife went to school to drop our only child.

A while later, I got a phone-call from the number of my wife.
My Wife & Son have met with an accident at a site”.
Uttered by someone from the other side.

I rushed to the hospital and was all uptight.

They are trying their best”, doctor stated to me and then went inside.

At that moment, I was horrified infinite.
I recalled every beautiful ride we had on our bike.

I prayed to god“Take everything of mine outright. Just save my family and make them alright.”

In a couple of hours, doctor came outside
and notified me- “They are both safe. So, I could take rest in full at backside.”

I floated on cloud nine and consequently went to a nearby temple to thank god for taking me out of this plight.

While returning from temple, I halted at a “Red- Light”. A man stopped by me and solicited for an address in excite.

I unloaded my helmet and told him- “Take a left and then take a right.”

Then, there was a “Green- Light”. As that man passed by me,

I looked at his big alluring car and then at my ordinary bike.

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