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Indeed,she left him

Indeed,she left him

Indeed, she left him. In spite of realizing that people will sum up her case too,with the ones who don’t look at marriage as an eternal bond.

Truly, she made that decision. In spite of knowing, decisions by and large are not taken by women but rather imposed.

Indeed, she left himAMessageToUnbox-Prerna Sachdeva

No, you don’t have any acquaintance with her entire story and can never know it all. However, the outcome is this, and the reason she doesn’t want to explain.

“In this present time, women don’t have much tolerance power”

Said an elderly woman, who barely escaped from her better half when he had taken liquor overdose.
Also, said by a young lady, who has a good spouse by the grace of god and doesn’t have a single idea about the bruises and the sores.

Indeed, she left him-AMessageToUnbox-Prerna Sachdeva.png

Yes, she faces numerous prejudices. However, she overlooks all that bravely by giving them a pose.

But sometimes, she laments her hurried decision in gross.
Yes, she feels sorry for the time she said “yes” for the marriage which went erose.

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  1. It witness the true story that happens at many homes, with many girls. But the social hoes blames girls as untamed so called ” these girls are less tolerant ” ..okaaay fine yes we are….but who the hell gives them to be judgemental about us. The above composition is beautifully weaven and loved the theme it’s talks about. Kudos to the writing pen!!!! Keep scrawling and scratching the real face of society !!!!

    1. I disagree with your thought process.. now a days.. almost No one blame about this – “Girls has less tolerance” (if we are talking about educated people)
      Yes, few % still alws there.

      1. @CD- Good to know that you are among those people who are not judgemental.
        But this is also the bitter reality that a number of people do subconciously pass comments and they themselves do not come to know about that.

        And yes, our society is changing for good.
        But as you said, there are always few people who are among such sayers.
        This piece is for them and I only tried to express in my style.
        I never target entire audience.
        Every piece is for a specific group of people with which one may somehow relate.

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