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My Dream Writing Style

My Dream Writing Style

I’ve been asked to write on ‘My Dream Writing Style’.
In fact, I never thought about this in quite a while.
Will I be able to express in words that come by?
To explore, have a look at my innocent ‘try’.

I don’t know, what is comprised in this paradigm.
But I love to express short stories that end in Rhyme.

No, not like a poem or with a poetic voice.
Ending any sentence in rhyme is my writing choice.

I want to write in a way that readers can’t help
but hear my voice in their head.

And making silly grammatical mistakes is permitted,
to such a degree that its meaning doesn’t get affected.

Through which, I make complex concepts easy to understand.
One needs no dictionary frequently to get what I’ve said.

I sometimes write six lines in one paragraph
and the other one might contain two lines with
just a graph.

I want to mix the rational and emotional concepts in a single script.
And, there is no pressure of becoming strict.

I want to write to persuade the reader with a story of fiction.
I want to show some facts with an opinion in my diction.

I want to write in a way where I follow no rules.
But to the extent that the reader doesn’t find me a fool.

I want to express anger, sarcasm, and every needed emotion in a single account.
Readers may find this weird till it really counts.

Being serious is a tedious task for me.
I want to entertain readers while telling something ‘key’.

I bring our everyday life experiences as stories to ponder
and drop messages for the readers to wonder.

I want to write in a way, so it can’t be defined in any way.
If it can be defined in any way then you will name it with some name, some day.

But if you really want to name it, anyway.
Then, I would love for it to be called as “My Way”.

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  1. Seriously……Great going …Keep it up….writing in a rhyme is no crime 🙂 It brings a smile so don’t leave it writer…..

    1. Thank You!
      My ‘Content-Writing Trainer’ actually asked to describe my ‘Dream Writing Style’
      I thought to share it with you all as well.

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