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My Life Sucks!

My Life Sucks!

“My life sucks!!” I murmured and urged to go out of the house.

I was in a hurry. So, I preferred my house’s balcony to spend some peaceful moments in an ounce.

After a few minutes, I came back to my room.
(Ting- Tong)
The doorbell rang, I opened the gate. A lady was standing there with a face in the gloom.

I didn’t know her. So, I asked- “Yes, how can I help?”
She uttered,” I love my son so much. Please save my child and get him well”

I was like……………………….” what??”
“You are on a wrong window. It’s not a doctor’s place”, I clear-cut.

“You will die soon. Once you die, tell God to transfer your rest of the life to my son’s age”, she finished the sentence in one stroke.

I questioned in shock-“what?” and got a little choked.

She replicated, ” Since you will die soon, once you go up, tell God to give your balance age to my son”.
I realized it then that she is a freaking mad and then I outrun.

DHA.DHA…DHA, she again bammed on the door.
I got scared this time but couldn’t find anything to escape from this lady with hoar.

DHA.DHA…DHA, she knocked with pressure again.
I gathered my courage and then I decided with sane.

I stepped towards the door with a wooden broad stick in my hand.
I peeked from the key-hole, she was still there and looked a bit tanned.

I opened the door and intimidated her,” Go away, or else, I’ll call the police. So, do not provoke”.
She reverted, “Don’t do that. I’ll go. I came here for the help because I saw you in the balcony and realized that you SMOKE!”

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  1. I really liked d concept…..
    One is looking for life and other one is not caring for his life.

  2. Good Prerna….well- written and practical advice…
    I really look forward to your writing……how beautifully you relate two things…..
    And you are really reaching others with your writing…..

    1. I don’t know whether I deserve this kind of compliment but yes these are priceless words for me.
      Thank you so much! 🙂

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