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No!! I am Ego

No!! I am Ego


ME- (Calls Ego)
Ego!! Meet me up at 6:00 PM at the same place.

At 6:00 PM
Ego- (Shows up)
Hey! What’s up?? (In Energetic tone)

Me- Hi! (In cheerless tone)
Nothing much. I was just waiting for you.

Ego- Is everything fine with you??

Me- Hmmm, not really!!
I recently fought with my “best friend”. He broke up our friendship.
I am thinking to go back to him and sort everything out.

Ego- Okay!! Really??

Me- Yeah!!
I am really missing him.

Ego- So, you mean….
You are accepting your complete fault??

Me- No!! No!!
It was not only my fault. But I think, I should just solve it out and be friends again.

Ego- (Gazes at “me”)

Me- What??
I just feel that I should at least give it a “try”.

Ego- And you think….
He will not make fun of you at your back??

Me- ……………………..

Ego- Okay!! I believe for a second.
He will not.
What is the guarantee that he will not brag among your common friends that it was “you” who came to him?
What if he taunts you in future for the same if this happens again??

Me- (After a deep thought)
I guess you are correct.
You know “Ego”, you always guide me well.

Ego- I will always be with you whenever you want me to be with you.

Me- (Sitting on a bench at a city park)
Suddenly “Ego” appears

Ego- Hey!! Congratulations on your marriage!!

Me- Hi!! Long time!! (Delighted)
Thank you so much!!
When did you come back home??

Ego- Just today.
Sorry!! I was not present at your marriage.
I was out of the country since the “date of your marriage” till “today”.
It’s been many months seeing you.
I wanted to meet you. So, I am here.

Me- That’s so nice of you!!
God is so great!
I had two main friends: “Understanding” and “Ego”.
One just left for abroad and left me alone.
The second one has just arrived back home.
I am so glad that at least one is there to accompany me.

Ego- Me too. So Glad!! 😊
So, tell me something about your married life.
How is it going?

Me- Ahh!! That’s going Good. We both love each other.
I propitiate her whenever she gets upset with me.
Today also, she got upset for some reason. I have made two “calls” but it seems that she is still upset with me.

Ego- So, you have made two “calls” already??

Me- Yeah!!

Ego- Don’t do it again.
Take my word.

Me- No, I will.
I love her. It’s such a petty issue. Let her win. It hardly matters to me.

Ego- (Looks into my eyes)
So, you mean to say that:
She doesn’t love you??

Me- Are you mad??
She loves me too.

Ego- Well, if this is the case.
Then, let her come or let her be normal again on her own.
Don’t go to her.

Me- (Listens and goes back home)

At home: (Calls Ego)
Ego! Please come. I need your guidance. Do come soon.

Ego- (Arrives)
I am here.
I told you – “I am always there for you at any time, anywhere”
What’s the matter??

Me- Look!
I am frustrated. She is still not talking to me.
As per your suggestion, I am not going to her.

I am seriously scared.
Why is she doing this, this time??
It hasn’t happened ever before.

Ego- That is the thing, you must think.

Me- ………………….
Has she lost interest in me??

Ego- (Listens murmuring and secretly laughs)
(“Ego” silently says to himself: “Bulls-Eye” and then makes an innocent face)

Me- Ego!
You are just stupid. I will not listen to you anymore.
I am just going back to her.
You just go- Ego!!

Ego- Everybody calls me by the name “Ego”.
I never did mind at all.
Though, I am “self-respect”.
Just get this thing.

(“Ego” inwardly praises himself for being a talented Impostor” )

Me- Hey.Hey…Wait..!!
You just gave a peculiar smile.
I saw you.
You are not “Self- Respect”!!

Ego- (In defending tone)
Okay!! Just Go!!
Just go to her.


Me- (Feels flustered, confused)
After a few months…
(All that led to self- conceived thoughts then arguments then fights and then
they both parted.)

Me- (In a new city, at home)
(Door-bell rings)
Me- (Opens door)

Father- (Enters Home)
Hey Son !! (Hugs)

Ego- (Looks at “me” and “father”)

Me- (Standing Still and looking back at Ego)
Father- (A tear rolls out from Father’s eyes)

Why are you still not responding well?
Are you still hurt?
It’s been so long, you talked to me.
Please forget the past.
I agree it was my mistake. I should not have behaved in that way like I did. But now, I am asking for forgiveness.
(Suddenly, the father looks at “Ego” and asks)
By the way, who is this??

Ego- (Laughs a little)
No Uncle!
I am not “Anger”.
“Anger” comes to meet him whenever he calls and goes back within one or maximum two days.
I am Ego 😊

I always stay with him at any time, anywhere.

Father- (to “me”)
Anyway Son, please come back home. I really miss you.
Don’t you know that I really love you??
Please be like, you used to be.
((Father holds my hands to take me back home))

Ego- (Interrupts in between and says to “father”)

You did that thing to my “Kind-hearted” friend.
You will again hurt him.
How can he forget that past?
He needs his time to be normal again with you.
(“Father” and “I” listen simultaneously)

Father- (Pointing at Ego)
Stay out of our personal matter.

Me- Don’t clarify anything, father. I can’t come with you.
Please don’t force me to come with you.

Father- How long will you take now????
Why don’t you even look straight at me??
You are ruining your precious time in all this, son.

You are listening to your friend “Ego” and not “me”?

Ego- Why are you blaming me, Uncle??
You should have been careful before doing that instance in the past.
Why did you do that if you really love him??

Father- (Looks at “me” for a “Ray of hope”)

Me- (No response)

Father- (Goes back)

Ego- (To “me”)
Don’t worry!
I am still there for you at any time, anywhere.

Me- (Health deteriorates)
I am not well these days.
I need someone to be with me.

Ego- I told you- “I am always there for you at anytime, anywhere”

Me- Not you “Ego”.

Ego- (Looks displeased)

Me- Maybe, I am missing my siblings, my old- friends.
Those “misunderstandings” and “wrangles” did apart us.
During the past many years, I did not even contact them once.

Ego- (Makes fun)
So, did they??
Stop this nonsense. You will look “helpless” in front of them.

I am not “helpless”.
But I want them to be with me.

Ego- So, you think that they are not aware of your current health??
Just use your mind.
If they wanted to contact you, they would have contacted you already.
Just take a deep breath.
I am telling you- People like “you” will get a special place up in heaven.
Believe me.

Me- Really??

Ego- Yes!!
Plus, I will always be there for you at any time, anywhere.

After dying….
( A flashlight crosses the eyes and suddenly it gets all black-out)
Me– Why can’t I see a single person or a single thing, up here??
Please come and be with me.

(In shivering tone)
(No Response)


Pin Drop Silence
Where are you, Ego?
You promised me that you will always be with me.
You can’t leave me here alone.

Where are you??.

(Feels Numbed & shocked)

After a few hours
(To self)

Me- If it had to end like this.
I wish….

I wish I had not listened to you all my life- “EGO”.

I wish I hadn’t met you and trusted you.

I wish I had gone to my “best friend” to sort that fight out.

I wish I would have let my spouse win that argument.

I wish I would not have believed you when you pretended to be “self-respect”.

I wish I would have forgiven some people in my life.

I wish I had asked for “forgiveness” from some people.

I wish I would have spent all the time with them which I spent with “you”- Ego.

My whole life could be different “Ego” if you were not by my side at
any time, anywhere.


(All of a sudden, a single person appears in that hollow area)

Me- Hey! Who are you??

Person- Hi! My self – “Realisation”.

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