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That chosen Career

That chosen Career

I cherish this particular career. I want to spend my entire life loving the same.
I told my father and he gazed at me once when he turned out to be entirely lame.

I encountered that discontentment on his face.
It seemed as if by saying so I had made him disgraced.

I didn’t lose hope for it though.
I tried to convince him many times to accept my choice but he sounded low.

After spending days in argument, I asked him for the snag in my career choice.
He couldn’t give compelling reasons but eventually raised his voice.

I explained my level of interest, I had in that one.
At last, I didn’t want my family to feel sad. So, I agreed and they won.

Everything is destined ”, I thought so and moved further.
My family wanted best for me. Thus, they became searchers.

They showed me a variety of career options to be good for me.
My heart wasn’t prepared yet they said –I will like without a doubt once I have one and feel glee.

Finally, we altogether said “Yes” for one. Although, I was a little stun.

The career they chose for me was also good. It could not be denied by anyone.

I tried my best but wasn’t contented with that chosen career in clear.
Whenever I couldn’t find the desirable results, I criticized that chosen career in sheer.

I couldn’t fit well with that chosen career because I chose that in pressure.
But now my dear ones said to me- Wrong is the chosen career, not you. You are the precious treasure.

I blamed everyone. It didn’t change anything but created strife.
Somewhere in heart I also knew, I didn’t do justice to this chosen career I chose for life.

I made an oath to the same. Though, I was not able to accept the chosen career from my heart’s lows.
This all not only affected me but also this chosen career lost its own value in gross.

P.S: Oops! There is a typo. I have used “Career” by mistake. Please use “Person” instead of “career”.
Don’t be in a hurry.
“Please read word by word again”

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