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That was just for fun, you can’t gainsay

That was just for fun, you can’t gainsay

Gainsay= Deny

I dressed up to attend the party at my friend’s place.
“This is not done. We have arrived here and haven’t seen your face.
Do come fast. We are missing the spark of your humor in this dull space.”
Said; a friend of mine overcall in a voice at bass.

I stepped into my shoes and then tied its lace
while having a feeling of pride after that interface.

“Everybody loves to be around me because I make them go craze
with the jokes, I make at a unique pace”
I praised myself by saying “above” like always.

I reached there and met them after so many days.
While greeting them, I quipped in different ways.

They laughed at all “thigh-slappers” of mine and said your humor always slays

On a friend of a friend of “extra size”, I cracked a joke to enjoy that phase.
He heard and responded with a smile in a haze.
I winked & said, “I hope, I didn’t make you go faze”

After that, I proceeded with other fun things and made everyone go ‘amaze’.

Another friend came to me then grabbed my hand and took me to a side at the base.

I asked-“Wo Wo Wo! What is the case??”

He said – “You should not have made fun of his physical appearance and made him abase.
Do not crack those jokes on which everybody laughs except the one on whom it is made”

To beat around the bush, I said-
That was just for fun and to have some spark in the environment and you can’t gainsay.
That friend, infact, did not mind and he is totally okay.
So, take a chill pill and do not overplay”

The other side-effects of the story to me were totally encased.

That friend of the friend of “extra size” did not actually react negatively to my funny “phrase”.
With a smile on face, he tried to keep those comments at bay

but unwillingly he had that “funny” comment fixed in his mind’s edgeways.

I could not realize at the very moment that “my comment” would unknowingly pay.
His decisions and actions in coming life will get affected after a single comment which I passed in a heedless way.

Though he truly mentioned that he didn’t mind that comment at all but after some days,
he refused to take part in an event because he overweighs.

He had that belief now that he is not worthy and his thoughts won, which in him, I had unintentionally framed.

He chose to not to follow his passion which he earlier used to chase.
He missed alike opportunities/events because of the belief stuck in his brains
which was now difficult to erase.

Even he could not realize that it was “my comment” which changed his notion and the decision he now makes.

He subconsciously became ineffectual in his relationship too because he was now filled with the unknown feelings of dismay.

Just because he looked indifferent and said that he is okay,
I never thought it could affect him in any way.

His whole life was getting devastated in an unseen way.
And I thought, my joke was all okay.

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  1. Good one….A very common example of everyone’s day to day life ……like mine 😋😋😋😋😋

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