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What if I tell you

What if I tell you

What if I tell you

What if I tell you,
when you blow the horn of your vehicle in a split second after that “Red Light” transforms into “Green”, it doesn’t make any difference.

(It just gives you mental satisfaction and creates commotion for the people around you)

What if I tell you,
when you give a path to an ambulance, it will surely save that individual’s life.

(What’s more, this will be added to your “Invisible Good- Karma”)

What if I tell you,
you should never drive when you are drunk.

(You may save somebody’s life who wants to live long unlike you)

What if I tell you,
a small poly bag which you tossed outside your house with some left-out food in it, was swallowed by a puppy or might be a cow, who is presently helpless to breathe properly and you don’t know about this deed.

What if I tell you,
you can be a social-worker by just focusing on above regardless of whether you don’t have a single penny to donate or much time to give.

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  1. Yupp, absolutely right.. These basic etiquettes are missing in many of us.

    Small changes in our attitude can make us a great human being worth remembering

  2. True….many of us try to do good if we know that it’s going to add something in our good deed bank….
    But we forget our duties towards environment.
    With this small article, you are trying to make everyone realize the same…
    Great….your intention…..your words….
    Keep putting your good thoughts into words!
    All the best.

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