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Guests at Home

Guests at Home

“Yes, Mommy!! Coming in a minute”,

I replied for the 6th time in a row in a mere five minutes.

I could not enjoy watching “movie” at all.

Mom warned- “To you, it’s my last call”

The 6th time, I really meant it and put my TV remote on a table “round”.

I had to turn off my favorite “movie” with which I was totally spellbound.

Then I proceeded to her and asked: “Mom, what’s the matter?”

She said- “Do help me with some work in the kitchen and make that special ‘platter’.

Some guests are coming at home by five in the evening. Arrange all the kitchenware.

Make sure, you siblings welcome them even more nicely because they live far & rarely visit here”

My brother standing behind also heard to the conversation in plain

and remarked- “Mom, simply say that you don’t want those guests to visit here again”

I understood his sarcasm and then he laughed even more hard.

I said- “Stop your nonsense and you always talk absurd”

He cleared the meaning and said to ‘Mom’- “At least, I am not going to eat that food

which is made by her as she makes it so crude”

“Who is offering the food to you?”- I reverted.

“Don’t you dare have a single bite of the same when I serve it.”

Mom’s 6th sense ignited. She knew that these “jokes” and “teasing”

will soon turn into “fighting”.

So, she ordered him to buy some beverages from the supermarket.

He bought the same and again started the previous topic on which I had resented.

While I was making the dish, he funnily teased me to such an extent

that I finally had to respond in a rant.

Then he was nowhere behind me in that.

He responded in the even worse way and called me a “wild-cat”.

We fought and then shut each others’ mouth

but he continued to babble as he is intact uncouth.

I went back to my room after having the “dish & kitchenware” prepared.

Since I got irritated, I could not decide “what to wear?!”

Mom knocked my room’s door

and asked me to come out as it was already “four”.
I came out of the room while looking at my watch.

Guess what?

The guests had already entered the house’s porch.

Mom asked us to become normal and forget that fight right away.

We welcomed the guests but that particular order, we could not obey.

We tried to behave as normal as we could.

But it seemed as if the guests knew we just had a fight and were in “falsehood”.

Then we had chit chat on some topics after knowing their well being and their work.

I tried to keep that “fake smile” and nodded to their conversation while I quirked.

They were talking incessantly

and could feel that we both were not present willingly.
After a few minutes when we were done with the meal,

they said- “Give us the permission now to leave”
Mom then smiled and uttered- “Hope, you had a good time & feeling fain”

We saw them off while she said- “Make sure to visit again”

At night, on something my brother made a joke.

I controlled my laughter but could not resist smiling while I evoked.

He then came to me and asked me for a thing.

I answered him and then something played in my mind which sounded like “ping”.

At that moment, I realized, we were normal again.

I thought, the hours we were not on speaking terms in front of guests went in vain.

We could not control our emotions during their arrival because of that recent fight.

How would the guest have felt as we could not treat them in “right”?

They might have different perception about us now.

We ruined our impression too as we could not show them, we are actually- “wow”.

If we had just little control over our emotions during their presence,

they would have loved meeting us and had gone back with different impressions.
I consoled myself by saying- “Their arrival timing was wrong”.

But it is also a fact, that our last impression will last long.

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  1. It’s so relatable! I felt like I am living in the moments. You used enough breakage in between so that one could read it easily rather than trying to anticipate when reading a long paragraph.

    It was well-written! Glad you shared!

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